Sunday, October 24, 2021

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    Krakow, Poland – 3 Best Attractions

    Poland has the friendliest people, delicious local food, and a rich history they have preserved. And cheap alcohol. Here are the best Krakow attractions.

    Wieliczka Salt Mine


    The Wielczka salt mine is one of the world’s oldest, at 700 years. It produced ~27,000,000 tonnes of salt, has 2,000 chambers, and 3,000km of tunnels. That’s huuuuge.

    Schindler’s Factory & Auschwitz

    If you’re ever in Krakow, Poland, you must tour Schindler’s Factory museum. It provides such a context of Nazi rule and the terrible things they did leading up to the Holocaust.

    Auschwitz was surreal – you need to get a tour where they’ll show you all the artefacts – the combs, shoes, hair left behind by the millions of victims. It’s eerie, like it’s not real.

    St Mary’s Basilica:


    Poland has delicious soups and stews, cheap drinks, and wild pub crawls. So to see it all in one of my favourite videos so far, take a look:


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