Saturday, January 23, 2021

7 Productive Things to Do Inside

Trust me, it does suck being stuck in your house with no freedom. But on the bright side, there's lots of useful things to...
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    University To-Take List

    THROWBACK: We were given this at college and I thought it may come in useful for any other new students! It was written for...

    Auditioning for Crystal Maze

    It was cringey, it was hilarious, and definitely a good story, so let me start from the beginning... A few weeks ago I saw applications...

    I Won a Man Vs Food Challenge

    Here's a THROWBACK post from my uni days which have recently ended - more on that soon! So when I go to university, my friends...

    I Trained for Tough Mudder in 9 Weeks (VIDEO)

    Perhaps my most challenging extreme activity yet. Can I do it in only 2 months? For those who don't know, in December last year I...

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